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Hai...Sorry for disturbing all.

I am looking for new job in Canberra Australia. I am 40 years all married with 2 children. My qualification is Piping Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Construction Engineer, etc. I will be on Canberra in March 2012, to accompany my wife study in Canberra.

Currently, I work in Armada Dinamic Resources who supply me to work Alstom Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd as a Piping Engineer (Quality Design Checker) for Arrangement Piping & Module Section Engineering Department. Location in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Actually I like my job and I like work with my company now but I can not leave my wife and my sons in Canberra with their self. Because I am the family man.

And I still looking accomodation & school for my sons. I need the information from you all if you read this letter. May be you can help me to get the information for this. This is more than important to me than looking for a new job that related with my education and my experiences.

But here I enclosed some of info about me. Hopefully I can get a better job while I stay in Canberra for around 4 years.

More than 14 years experiences in Mechanical & Piping Engineering (Engineering Design, Construction, Production and  Supervision), such : 9  years in Oil & Gas Project as a Mechanical/Piping Design Engineer, 1,5 years in Pulp Machine Project as a Mechanical Construction Engineer, 4 years in Factory & Plantations Company as Factory Assistant/Technical Assistant/Construction Supervisor and now just joint in Power Plant Project. 
Experiences are spread from Maintenance Engineering, Design Engineering, Construction & Materials Engineering, Operation & Maintenance Supervision.  

Experience includes a combination of engineering, construction, maintenance  for piping and mechanical equipment (static & rotating)  works, cost estimation, supervision & managerial, documentation and material handing & controlling.
Experiences for Piping Engineering  design is conceptual project in oil & gas environment. Have intense and diverse interface with Scope of Work , Piping Design System based safety in design, Materials Take off, Equipment Plan Layout, Pipe stress analysis, Piping Plan Layout & Isometric development. Use base knowledge from operation for client consultancy and develop recommendation during design is often exercised. worked are related with many discipline and with multi national environment.

Design Engineering standard is followed by the international standards such  API, ASME, ANSI, ASTM, NACE, British Standard, ISO, PIP  and the Company standards such of PT  Badak NGL Co Piping Specification, Chevron  Piping Specification, Flour Engineering Design standards and Petronas Piping Specification and Alstom Power Piping Specification.

Engineering Detailed Design Project Experiences :

Ø      Preparing Proposal for Front End Engineering Design (FEED)
Ø      Preparing Proposal for Detailed Engineering Design (DED)
Ø      Basic Design Review and Evaluation
Ø      Prepare Piping Engineering Scope of  Work for the project that have been handle.
Ø      Site Survey Activities and Counter Check Actual Design Requirement
Ø      Prepare Basic Piping Man-hours Estimation for doing the Engineering Design.
Ø      Prepare Design Process Equipments Plant Layout based on the Equipment List Data Sheet,  P&ID and Standard of the Equipment Plan Arrangement  from Clients and Plant Layout Specification.  
Ø      Prepare Design of  Piping Plan Layout  Drawings, Piping Section Plan  Drawings and isometric drawings
Ø      Develop Bill of Materials for Piping based on the Piping Specification from Client and International Standards.
Ø      Develop Cost Estimate for Piping materials and construction.
Ø      Prepare Construction Piping Scope of Work of the project  for easier to construct the from the design.
Ø      Prepare deliverable list for Piping/Mechanical Engineering Design
Ø      Design of Piping and Mechanical Calculation sheet
Ø      Prepare Pipe Support  location , pipe span and pipe loops for the new project
Ø      Prepare Pipeline design of gas line.
Ø      Prepare  Piping Tie In List and Piping Line List based on new P&ID.
Ø      Prepare equipment data sheet, pumps data sheet, special Items data sheet, valve data sheet
Ø      Prepare Design of Piping Plan Layout as follow by the Safety In Design (SID)
Ø      Coordination with Vendors and Sub-Contractor related to Technical and Non Technical Issue
Ø      Request for Quotation (RFQ) Preparation
Ø      Attendant and  as Active to explanation on HAZOPS meeting session related to Process Plant Layout and Piping Plan Layout and Piping arrangement as Safety in Design Issue or interface of the existing pipings.
Ø      Prepare Presentation and conduct the SECOMA Meeting (Safety Engineering Construction Operation Maintenance and Ad Hoc) each project completions on Phase 2, Phase 3 and Phase 4 with client in any discipline)
Ø      Updating the progress measurement each project achievement and completions.
Ø      Prepare Narrative report for Piping Engineering activities Projects.
Ø      Reports progress activity to Lead Piping Engineer and Project Engineer.

 Seminar and Training Experiences

certificated no OG004751N . Expired Date : 23 December 2013

q       API 570  PRESSURE PIPING INSPECTOR  Certification Course Certified by ITC Skills Development Sdn Bhd Malaysia  that held  in Batam  dated  9 – 16 January 2010. the  materials included : API 570, API 571, API 574, API 577, API 578, ASME B31.3, ASME B16.5, ASME V and ASME IX.

q       PIPELINE DESIGN, OPERATION AND CONSTRUCTION (Speaker. Dr. Ir. Asep Handayana Saputra, M.Eng)  certificated by Oil Institut  Batam, that held ini Duri Riau dated 28 – 31 January 2010. The materials included : Basic Pipeline Design, Gas Pipeline System, Pipeline Materials, Pipeline Integrity, Cathodic Protection, Pipeline Construction, Pipeline Operation and Maintenance. The materials included ASME B31.4 & ASME B31.8

q       RABQSA Occupational Safety & Health Management System – AS/NZ 4801/OSHAS 18001 Certified by RABQSA and PT International Standards Certifications Ltd Sydney Australian, that held in Pekanbaru, dated 8 – 9 March 2009. (Certificate No. OH-09087)

q       RABQSA Quality Management Systems – Requirements ISO 9001:2008 Certified by RABQSA and PT International Standards Certifications Ltd Sydney Australian, that held in Pekanbaru, 17 May 2009 (Certificate no. QM-09260)

q       Process Piping  Engineering ASME B31.3 Certified by  DAP Consultants Jakarta, that held in Batam 11 - 23 January 2009

q       PDMS (Plant Design Management System)  “Basic Introduction, Equipment and Piping” Certified by PT. Side Detail , that held in Batam   11 – 14 January 2009.

q       Safety In Designs Training, Certified by PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia Riau Indonesia, that held in Duri Riau 12 June 2006

q       The Training that  held by  Tripatra - Fluor Daniel Consortium Riau Indonesia, such :
Ø      Hazard Identification & JSA (Job Safety Analysis) Training by HES Department ( 17 September 2009)
Ø      Fundamental Safety Work Practice (FSWP) by HES Department  (2005)
Ø      Smith Driving Defensive Course (DDC) by HES Department  (2005)
Ø      Plant Orientation by  HES Department  (2005)
Ø      Team Building Training by HR Department  (2007)
Ø      Safe Work at Height Training by  HSE Department (2008)
Ø      Confined Space Entry by HSE Department (2008)

q       The Training that be held by  PT. Tolan Tiga Indonesia Medan Indonesia, such :
Ø      Engineering Training for Palm Oil Mill Assistant by  Engineering Department  (Feb 2002)
Ø      Leadership & Team Building (Out Bond) by Engineering Department  (Feb  2002)
Ø      Engineering Training for Palm Oil Mill Assistant by Engineering Department (September 2002)
Ø      Engineering Training for Technical/Workshop Assistant by Engineering Department (2003)
Ø      Engineering Training for Technical / Workshop Assistant by Engineering Department (2004)
Ø      Engineering Training for Technical/ Workshop Assistant by Engineering Department (2005)

q       The Training that held by PT. Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper , such :
Ø      5 S Training (House Keeping ) by Training Department  (2000)
Ø      Loc Out Procedure by Training Department  (2000)
Ø      Hydraulic  for Fiber line  Machine Training by Valmet  (2000)

q       Training that held by PT. BADAK NGL Co Bontang – Indonesia , such :
Ø      Job instruction for Shutdown Plant  by  Loss Prevention  Department  ( 1996)
Ø      First Aid Training by Medical Department (1997)
Ø      Fire Drill Training by  Loss Prevention Department  (1997)

I will send my complete cv if there are companies who interested about my story and my experiences.

For contact me : you can email me at or

I look forward to hearing any vacancy, any available jobs, any info school, any info housing/apartement for me and my family.

Kuala Lumpur, 17 November 2011

Iwan Agung DS
Piping & Mechanical Static Engineer. (Design & Construction)

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