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KUALA LUMPUR - The Malaysian, who was reported 'missing' after the SEA Games football final between Indonesia and Malaysia in Jakarta, Indonesia was bemused at the attention.
Music promoter, Ahmad Firdhaus Arham, 26, said he was in Jakarta to do promotion for Malaysian punk rock band Bunkface.
Malaysian Embassy in Indonesia initiated a search for Ahmad Firdhaus after receiving a wallet containing his personal document and cash on Monday.
The search sparked a rumour online that he was missing after watching the football final match between Indonesia and Malaysia at Gelora Bung Karno, Senayan.
"I was in Jakarta throughout my stay there to do promotion for Bunkface," said Ahmad Firdhaus during a telephone interview with New Straits Times on Wednesday night.
He said he arrived in Jakarta on Friday along with 16 entertainment journalists for the event and stayed at Raston Rasuna apartment in Kuningan.
Ahmad Firdhaus said his wallet was stolen at a shopping complex, but luckily he still had his passport with him.
"I did not realise that my missing wallet would spark a search for me," he said.
Ahmad Firdhaus who was from Ampangan, Negri Sembilan returned home on Wednesday and only realised that people were looking for him after his mother told him about it.
"She saw it on the news on television and told me about it. That was when the phone started ringing. The police also came to the house to look for me.
"I am safe. It was just a misunderstanding and I have cleared it with authorities," he said.

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KUALA LUMPUR: Rumours of a Malaysian football fan, who went missing after the SEA Games football final match in Jakarta, Indonesia, last Monday, went viral on the local social network yesterday, but the man is actually alive and well, and had returned home.

Music promoter Ahmad Firdhaus Arham, 26, from Ampangan, Negri Sembilan, was feared missing when his wallet was found and handed over to the Malaysian embassy in Jakarta on Monday.

The embassy's search for the man triggered an alarm among his friends and Malaysian SEA Games officials as he was in the nation's capital on that day and was believed to have attended the match at the Gelora Bung Karno stadium.

When contacted, Ahmad Firdhaus, who arrived here yesterday morning, said he had lost the wallet containing his MyKad and cash at a shopping complex in Jakarta on Monday, but denied that he watched the match.
Zahrain, who is also president of the Penang Football Association, said it was sad to see how politics had entered the sports arena, especially during the football match between Malaysia and Indonesia at the recently concluded SEA Games held in Jakarta and Palembang.
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Kuala Lumpur - Seorang suporter sepakbola Malaysia dikabarkan hilang setelah pertandingan final SEA Games antara kesebelasan RI vs Malaysia pada Senin, 21 November lalu. Rumor tersebut sempat ramai dibicarakan di Twitter. Namun ternyata, pria itu tidak hilang. Dia baik-baik saja dan telah kembali ke Malaysia.

Semula pria Malaysia bernama Ahmad Firdhaus Arham itu diisukan hilang setelah dompet berisi kartu identitasnya ditemukan dan diserahkan ke Kedutaan Besar (Kedubes) Malaysia di Jakarta pada 21 November lalu.

Kedubes Malaysia pun berupaya mencari informasi mengenai pria berumur 26 tahun itu. Bahkan Kedubes Malaysia sempat mengumumkan hilangnya pria asal Ampangan, Negri Sembilan, Malaysia itu lewat sejumlah radio di tanah air.

Kekhawatiran akan nasib Ahmad Firdhaus muncul di kalangan teman-temannya dan para oficial SEA Games Malaysia sebab dia diketahui berada di Jakarta saat berlangsungnya putaran final sepakbola SEA Games. Ahmad Firdhaus diyakini ikut menonton final sepakbola itu di stadion Gelora Bung Karno.

Namun ternyata pria itu baik-baik saja. "Saya baik-baik saja. Itu cuma kesalahpahaman dan saya telah menjelaskannya ke otoritas," kata Ahmad Firdhaus seperti dilansir harian Malaysia, New Straits Times, Kamis (24/11/2011).

Pria itu tiba kembali di Malaysia pada Rabu, 23 November pagi. Dia tak menyangka jika dompetnya yang hilang bisa menimbulkan kehebohan.

Dikatakannya, dirinya kehilangan dompetnya saat berada di sebuah kompleks perbelanjaan di Jakarta. Namun menurutnya, dia tidak menonton pertandingan final sepakbola tersebut. Dikatakan pria itu, kunjungannya ke Jakarta adalah dalam rangka promosi kelompok band Malaysia, Bunkface.

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