Rabu, 26 Oktober 2011


The API 570 Piping Inspector EXAM will be run on December 2011. Here I enclosed some advice if you need to suggestion to prepare your self to pass the exam of API 570. This subject I just search in the internet and I think this is good topic so I put in my blog. Hopefully you who follow the exam in December 2011 will pas the exam. Don't Act like me cause I did not pass the API 570 Exam. I still collect my money to get another Exam of API 570 Piping Inspector
And My Suggestion if you wanna pass the API 570 Exam on December 2011, I think better you start to study of the API and ASME that related with API 570 Piping Inspector. Because there are many books to study as well.

Here I enclosed the Suggestions that I got from Internet while seach a couple years ago.

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