Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I would like to follow the exam of API 570 (Piping Inspector) for this December 2010.. I have already registered to API representative in Indonesia . The Company is Oil Institut  the website is  You can search the website and contact them if  you like to get API 570 Inspector.
And you can find there  how much the cost and others and also the guide ways for getting the API 570 exam.

Actually I have already followed the preparation couse of API 570 in Oil Institut Batam on January 2010, Because the price is very chief so I just followed the Training only , may be If I have some of money, I will get the API 570 Exam. Actually the exam of API 570 for years of 2010 is  on 2  Juni 2010, 22 September 2010 and 1 December 2010. I saw the calender from API that I got on the training.
I have a plan to follow the exam on June 2010, but I still do not have a money yet, So I can not follow the exam on June 2010. So I plan to next Septemnber 2010, And I hve sme problem , Do not have money. I can't followed API 570 exam on Sepetember 2010. Now I have a plan to follow the API 570 exam on December 2010 and I have already register. the truth is I do not have money to follow the exam, but my feeling is strong and say" I should follow the exam on Decembr 2010.
Thank's God..., I have a friend that would like to borrow me the money..the Exam price is USD 950. to follow the exam in Indonesia.
I have already booked the chair of API 570 Exam. But the problem the range time from January 2010 to December 2010 is 10 months. and I was forgot the information from the lecturer of The API 570 preparation course. And I shoud pass the exam because I shoud sent it back the money to my friend.

So I would like to study of API 570 (Piping Inspector) Exam and Pass it. Because  heard that the man who will pass the exam, the answerd  shoud be have 80.
So I should study hard because I have only 2 months to study and read to help me to pass the exam.

As per my posted before about the materials that shoud read on  API 570 preparation course.

Tomorrow , I would like to see the standard of API 570 first  before and we study together for the preparation. Nw bac to work

If you wanna joint to to the  forum, please send me email
and we can study together

Duri, 28 September 2010

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