Sunday, September 25, 2011


After I inform you according the shoot cut road from Bukit Bintang to KLLCC. Now, I would like to inform you another shoot cut from Mesjik Jamik to Sentral Market (Pasar Seni)

As you know that the Central Market was build in 1888. And now the building is the houses of over 228 unique shops. And This Central Market is the largest Malaysian Arts and Craft Center.

And Masjid Jamik is the first brick mosque in the city. It was constructed on teh first Malay Burial in Kuala Lumpur. One of Kuala Lumpur's most significant buildings of Moghul influence architecture and heritage, it features three Moghul domes, a courtyard, nimarets set at a symmetrical composition of the mosque and smaller chhatris serounding it.

And side of Masjik Jamik Is Dataran Merdeka. Dataran Merdeka is the place where Malaya's independence took place on 31st August 1957. And in around Dataran Merdeka, it can be see many Architecture Old Buildings.

Back to Shoot Cut Road,

1. Start point is Masjid Jamik LRT Station. But choose the station that closed to Masjid Jamik and not di others side.

2. And if it see the burger king restoran, and you find the walkway street before burger king cafe and before you reach the burger king there are street before that and you see your right hand and you can find the street beside of the river and you walk side of the river. Try to catch the HSBC bank location.

3. After your position in HSBC Bank to find the clock tower and you run straight of the rood and after you find the cross road, you still go straight and around 100 meter you can find Central Market/Pasar seni in right side.

That is the other shoot cut road that you will find it but if you wanna go by train.
You go trough Mesjid Jamik LRT Station and interchange to Kelana Jaya Line and choose the Pasar Seni Line but you should pay around RM 1.6. and the time is more longest than if you walking.

If you any question regarding this information, you can send comment.

Kuala Lumpur, 25 September 2011 at 9.42 PM

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